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Килотонны спойлеров. Часть 1
Я снова проворонила столько всего, а спойлеры были так рядом...
Спасибо тебе снова kagedreams!
Это обрывочные отрывки из последней новеллы Ghost Hunt. Я постаралась расставить их в хронологической последовательности, хотя сомнительно что мне это полностью удалось.

Источник: kagedreams.livejournal.com/150318.html

Part 13 Aug 14th 4PM - 5PM
Someone please tell GH to give me back my brain already! This is getting ridiculous. >.<;; But there are only a few other scenes (hopefully) that I want to write up. I hope. >.>
Oh yeah, this would be one of the major spoiler scenes. This scene happens after Bou-san goes through outlining the mysteries, weirdnesses, and conclusions about Naru. Naru leaves, Lin talks with the others for a bit, and then...

Собсно, как именно Нару узнал, что к Май во сне приходил Джин.

Chapter 1

Outside was, as always, very bright with all that sunshine.
After that, I used the opportunity when Lin followed Naru outside to go for a walk in the forest on my own. Even though it was still so bright, the evening cicadas were starting to sing. Their voices were so lonely it made me feel depressed. I had the feeling that something that'd been bothering me sank in my chest.
I didn't entirely understand what that was and it made me more and more depressed.
......I'm depressed. I wonder why.
I should be more cheerful. After all, I finally found out about something that'd been bothering me for so long.
.....I wonder what's bothering me so much.
I thought that as I wandered through the forest when I saw a figure in front of me. He was there leaning against a tree.
As soon as I saw him, I realised.
I see, I......
"I thought you went to look at the lake," as I spoke to him, those dark eyes that'd been watching me looked away. Perhaps it's because of the light, but it seemed like his expression was a little clouded.
"......That's right," I muttered and walked to where Naru was leaning against the tree.
"I'm sorry. Calling you "Naru-chan" unthinkingly like that all the time."
The eyes that turned to look at me really were very deep.
"That was the name only your older brother called you by, right? I didn't understand the circumstances at all......"
Although Lin-san also called him that now, so it probably wasn't such a private name anymore.
"That's when we were really small."
I leaned against the opposite side of the slim tree Naru was leaning against.
"You're a really important person, huh?"
There was no response to my comment.
"Somehow, that feeling of distance, or...... Heheh, no wonder you kept calling me stupid all the time. Compared to you, I really am stupid."
......No doubt this is the reason why I'm down.
"You're going back to England soon, huh?"
That's where his family was and where his life was.
"And you'll be going back to the life you were living before you met us. ......I can't imagine what that life was like at all. After all, the worlds we live in are completely different."
"It's not like that."
"Really? I wonder......"
"Just an idiot scientist after all."
It's the first time Naru ever talked about himself like that so I couldn't helped turning and looking at the person behind me. I could see his back separated by the slim tree.
I soon looked ahead again.
"You're also an orphan, eh?"
"Circumstances were different from yours. ......I had a brother and adoptive parents."
"I see. ......What's your older brother like?"
"Who knows."
......He won't tell me after all, huh?
"I'm glad I ran into you. I wanted to apologise too," as I said that, a quiet voice came from behind.
"I was looking for you."
"There's something I wanted to tell you, so I was hoping I'd see you."
From behind, I could only hear his voice.
"......We might never see each other again, so there's something I wanted to tell you, but......"
"I think I won't......"
You're kidding, I muttered in my mind. Leaving me hanging. Tell me. I turned to look behind when I heard footsteps in the brush. And thanks to that, I unthinkingly looked towards that sound.


Chapter 2

......What's this????
I felt my mind go blank for a moment. Quickly remembering myself, I turned to look behind. There was no longer anyone there.
--There's no way he'd be there. After all, that person was coming towards me fifteen degree off of straight ahead.
Exactly as the saying goes, I felt like the fox'd played a trick on me.
"What's wrong?"
The person approaching 15 degrees off of straight ahead stopped.
Black hair and black eyes. A figure all in black.
He looked at me questioningly. I'm the one who's confused.
"You're really Naru, right......?"
"What are you saying? Are you awake?"
"Yeah...... I'm not sure."
Why? What happened?
"--Who was it that was here until just a moment ago?"
Naru cocked his head slightly at my murmured words.
"Someone was here?"
I pointed behind me where no one was to be seen any more.
"You. I was talking to you until just now. I'm sure."
That's right. That wasn't a dream. I'm not so capable that I can sleep while standing.
"Right next to me. What... was that?"
"You were out of it."
I became angry at the open contempt in his voice.
"I was not! It was like one of those dreams but that was definitely not a dream!"
"......Those dreams?"
Ah. Oops......!
Naru took one step closer.
"What do you mean?"
Naru's serious expression. I couldn't try to laugh it off.
"I-it's just a dream......"
He took another step closer. If I reached out, I would be able to touch him; that's how little space was between us now. The slim trunk was at my back as always, so it felt like I was being cornered.
"Like I said, what sort?"
"It doesn't concern you."
"It doesn't sound like it doesn't concern me?"
The colour of his eyes was so deep. And on top of that they seemed very forbidding.
"You mean I was there?"
"I-it doesn't concern you, right?"
"I don't see it not concerning me."
"There's no need to pry so much."
"There's no need to hide it so much either,right?"
"I'm not hid--......"
......Argh! I'll tell him already! After all, there's no later for it. I'll feel better for him laughing at me and my hitting him for it.
"Dreams...... about you!"
......I said it......
Even I could tell my face was bright red. And yet, and yet, he just looked confused. This bloody stick-in-the-mud!
"--About me?"
"Yeah. You. They're just my own dreams. Maybe my wishful thinking. Dreams of a nice Naru."
Although the real you isn't the least bit nice, but that's the very sarcastic unspoken comment in there.
"Right. You're smiling so gently. And you even speak to me nicely."
There's absolutely no way I'll accept that it's your subconscious.
Naru stared at me wide-eyed.
"......And we were talking until now?"
"That's right. You have a problem with that?"
I wonder why I'm bracing so much for a fight.
"--About what?"
"Nothing much. It was just a daydream. --Naturally, it was a dream. Someone doesn't smile at all, not to mention someone wouldn't take part in pointless conversation. And there's no way you'd be looking for me unless you wanted something done."
I'm completely confessing my feelings, aren't I? Hahahah.
Now go ahead and laugh all you like. My right hand's ready to come flying out to hit you. A brazen, cold-blooded guy like you, no doubt you won't understand my young girl's heart."
"......What do you mean by that?"
It looked like Naru was stunned.
I couldn't help being exasperated by his question.
What did I mean? Isn't it obvious? Why do you think I'd be hiding the fact that he'd been showing up in my dreams up until now?
"Are you stupid?! You don't get it?!"
"I don't understand"
Aaaahhhhh, he pisses me off!
"Yeah, I'm sure! I did know it. That you're a cold-blood guy without blood or tears in you. But even so, isn't it human nature to think that somewhere completely unseen there's a bit of niceness somewhere. What with you always showed up in my dreams, and always smiled, and on top of that always being so nice, like you were actually paying attention to me. No doubt that's all just my own wishful thinking. But even so, having those sorts of dreams, I can't help thinking that maybe deep down you actually do have blood and tears in you. And if that continues, it's a girl's heart to think that maybe your slipping out in spirit to come see me!"
Now--maybe that thick head of yours got it this time.
"......I can't do astral travel."
"I can't do that. I don't have that ability."
"I know. No doubt, that's the case. It's just my wishful thinking."
"If you want to laugh, then why don't you...... Eh?"
I came back to myself. The pale face of the person I was yelling at was bloodless.
"When...... did that start?"
I couldn't help being baffled.
"Since when? You mean the dreams? From the very start......"
"......It's not me."
"That's not me. ......It's Gene......"
He raised his pale hand to his forehead like he was fighting dizziness.
"Wr-wrong! It doesn't matter that your brothers, I'd know! That was definitely you!"
"No. It's Gene."
There's no way I'd be mistaken. Because it's about Naru.
"We're twins."
"If we were expressionless, no one could tell us apart. --He's my older twin brother."
......B......... but......
"Then...... Gene's still been wandering in this world......"
It looked like Naru's gaze too, was lost in the distance.

Chapter 3

"......Older brother? He was?"
But... he's...
In that case.
"That's...... your brother's......"
The various memories cracked falling apart.
--Why didn't I realise it?
When I think about it, it's so simple.
The Naru in my dreams smiles. Real world Naru doesn't.
--They were completely different people.
Their personalities, manners of speech, other than appearance, they were completely different people......!
There were definitely times when I felt like they were different people. And it's only natural. Because they really were different people. I just didn't realise it--
Because they looked the same.
Because they sounded the same.
And so I thought he was Naru.
"I wonder if he had unfinished business...... That must be it."
Naru's low voice was pained.
"......He said we might never see each other again."
Naru looked at me at my quiet comment.
"He said that earlier."
"Yeah. If we find his body......"
Naru closed his mouth after that.
There wasn't anything I could say to him either.
"Mai, there's something I wanted to ask you."
After a while Naru finally spoke.
"There's a time you had a vision of the past where you had your throat cut. Was there anything strange about it then?"
"Something strange?"
Naru looked like he was searching for the right words.
"I did psychometry on some small item in that mansion. A vase or stand, something like that. The vision I had was very similar to that."
"Even the fine details, they were virtually identical."
"......How's that possible?"
Naru shook his head slightly.
"I'll change the question a bit. What role did Eugene play in your dreams?"
"......I'm not sure, but he once told me he showed me the way to the dreams. Also, advice, and he taught me various things, too. This time your brother also taught me how to enter a trance."
"The method where you concentrate on your breathing and slowly relax your entire body?"
Naru sighed once.
"What is that idiot doing......"
Idiot. --Even towards his brother, Naru was Naru.
Even if it were only in name, for a medium to lose the way... And here I thought he'd long since gone over.
"I wonder if maybe he was worried about you."
I just had that feeling when I said it.
Naru frowned in disgust.
"I haven't fallen apart so much that he needs to worry about me."
--Meaning--Since he was able to be this guy's brother, without doubt, his brother's personality must have been incredibly wonderful.
"But? What's it mean?"
"In other words, that's why that idiot's presuming to be your guiding spirit. Most likely, you have innate spiritual ability. And he stayed with you expecting to draw out that ability. Sheesh."
If he's being spoken about like this, even his brother wouldn't be able move on.
"That method of entering a trance is also a method Gene often used. Seeing spirits as light, and seeing the surroundings as transparent is also a habit of his. And connecting the line on his own like that."
Naru really looked displeased.
"There was a hot line between Gene and I. A direct link between consciousnesses."
Naru nodded.
"It was completely useless with anyone else though. He relayed that to you. No wonder you ended up seeing the same vision."
"He should hurry up and go over to he other side already."
I could very much understand Naru's feelings on that and decided I'd no longer think of Naru as being cold-hearted. It'd be hard on me too if I found out that Mom or Dad were still here somewhere.
"He must've really been worried about you."
"He's being meddlesome."
"Now, now. With him gone, you no longer have a psychic who can see spirits, right? He managed to guide me into becoming useful."
He's a nice brother, isn't he. If you make light of him, something bad could happen.
"He's meddlesome."
"That sort of thing is called being kind."
"It's also called being stupid."

Chapter 4

"Why did your brother come to Japan?"
For a moment I wondered if he might not answer my question.
"He was asked to summon a spirit. Since there are old-style mediums throughout the different areas, he was also going to look into those."
While it's a little late to realise it, his brother was a medium then. Not to mention a famous one.
"So your brother was also doing that sort of research."
"Did you ghost hunt together?"
"We did."
"I see......"
It must have been frustrating for Naru on the investigations. Thinking "if his brother were there". After all, there are times when Masako can't see anything, and I'm a useless psychic. His brother would've been able to immediately grasp the situation and if there were any need, could get the other spirits to move on--.
I thought about the method he taught me to get spirits to move on. He dismissed it as "simple" so he must've been very kind and warm right to the core.
......And he died.

Even now, he's sleeping somewhere below the dam.
"Your brother...... um, how did you know he was here? Psychometry?"
Naru nodded.
"Is that absolute? It's never wrong?"
"......Would it be okay to ask how he died?"
Naru fell silent thinking. And then, "It was around halfway through his scheduled itinerary after Gene left for Japan. I borrowed some of his clothes when I suddenly synched with him."
"When you end up seeing things as the person in your vision when doing psychometry."
"You mean like the dream that time?"
Going through that countless times would be horrible. No wonder people would hate to do psychometry.
"All of a sudden? You didn't try to synch with him or anything?"
"That sort of intent isn't always necessary. Although breaking it requires will."
"The first thing I saw was a mountain, I think. A mountain in the afternoon, a road, and walking along that, I could hear a car approaching from behind. Turning around, I could see the car rounding the corner skid to the outside. It ran straight towards me, there was an impact, and then collapse. Lying there on the asphalt, a person came out of the car."
"It was a woman. Although I could only see from the knees down. She panicked, and after screaming, went back to her car. I soon heard the sound of the car moving again, and that came closer from behind......"
I choked back something sour. From that, that woman must have finished Gene off. Definitely...... you could say, he'd been killed......
"After that, the vision went green. That's what happens when the person in the vision dies. He was dragged along the ground and thrown into the trunk of the car. He was wrapped into a silver sheet somewhere that looked like a garage. And that was then thrown into a lake from a boat--."
"That's horrible......"
"Getting into an accident in the first place was careless and stupid."
......He's talking like that again..... Honestly--.
"I hope you find him soon."
No doubt that's why he's been wandering about. Being this far away and never able to see his family again. Being all alone at the bottom of the cold lake.
......He probably wants to go home soon. To the place where he belongs.
Naru started to say something. Started to say something, but in the end he closed his mouth, and sighed instead.
It was then that I heard a voice from the distance.
"Geez, is this where you were?"
That was a woman's voice, but it wasn't Ayako, it wasn't Masako, but it was a voice that I definitely remembered hearing before.
Turning around, I could see a woman waving her arm in among the trees.
......That person.
"My, Taniyama-san. How've you been?"
I remembered that bright smile.
The strange acquaintance of Lin-san's and Naru's that I'd met before.

Part 14 August 14th 5 PM-6 PM (Ch 1 & 2)
More GH still. Honest I'll be getting over this soon. I've come down a fair ways already, so it's a matter of finishing off the bits and pieces and pieces and pieces that are waiting to be tied-up. ^^;

Здесь Мадока и Май разговаривают о прошлом Нару и Джина.

Chapter 1
What was Mori-san doing in a place like this?
I quickly realised why. I brazenly followed after Naru, who quickly trotted over towards Mori-san, when I noticed three figures a little further away from her.
Two people talking to Lin-san. A middle-aged man and woman. Not to mention--
Th-they're foreigners.
--Why are there foreigners here?
I sort of had the feeling I knew why and was soon sure. Naru went straight to where they were.
The woman hugged Naru. The man put his arm around his shoulders...
I knew very well who would be able to do something like that so easily.
"Long time no see." At some point, Mori-san came over to where I was.
"It's been a while. --Mori-san, are those people Naru's mother and father......?"
Mori-san smiled gently and looked at Lin-san, who at some point came over and joined us.
"--Would it be okay to introduce them?"
Lin nodded in response to her question.
"I see. I'll introduce them. A little later."
I see. That comment Lin-san made about "they'll leave there shortly" was about Naru's parents.
I had no idea how long the trip from England to Japan took. Even so, it must've been a most difficult journey. The place where their son disappeared and his body probably lay. The reunion with their other son who normally wouldn't have ended up living in such a distant, foreign country.
"Is everyone well?"
"I see. In that case I think I'll go say hello."
Mori-san shot a quick glance to the side, and I looked the same way. It seemed his mother was crying.
"Let's not disturb them?"
"You're right."

When I got back to the bungalow with Mori-san, everyone was still lounging about there.
"Long time no see."
Mori-san smiled at everyone's greetings and for a while, she exchanged greetings with everyone.
"What brings you here all of a sudden again?"
When Bou-san asked that, she explained how she'd brought Naru's parents. Ignoring the others who were chatting animatedly, I pulled Masako to one side.
"Hey, hey."
"What is it?"
"There was a time when you'd been captured and Naru came and cheered you up, right?"
Masako looked around a moment before lowering her voice. "Yes. What about it?"
"That wasn't Naru. Did you know that?"
"It was Naru."
"It wasn't. Apparently it was his older brother."
"That's not possible. After all, it was Naru."
Yeah, I understood how she felt saying that.

"It wasn't. It was his older brother. ......his twin."
Masako exclaimed and all conversation behind her instantly stopped.
"Who're twins?" Yasuhara-san asked.
Mori-san laughed, "Ahh, Naru and Gene, eh?"
"By older brother, it's his older twin brother?"
"That's right. They're identical twins."
"Whoa..." Yasuhara-san muttered, "......There were two of those faces?! That must've been quite the sight."
"Even though they're twins, there are some twins that don't look very similar, right?"
Mor-san laughed lightly at Ayako's comment.
"They were similar. Often when you line twins up next to one another, they don't look that alike, but those two were really very similar. I think it's quite unusual for twins to look that alike."
I wonder what it's like to have a twin. I wasn't really sure, but I had the feeling that they'd be even closer than regular siblings.
"I wonder if Naru's personality became like that...... because of his brother's death."
I could sort of understand if that were the case, but......
"Nope." Mori-san had a slightly surprised look on her face. "Naru's always been like that."......Gah.
"Always been like that? Not because of some dark past that he's been dragging along and has become embittered towards the world?"
"I don't think so. Naru's been like that since he was a child. Gene said that, so I expect it's true."
Mori-san stared at the ceiling as though lost in thought.
"True, ......twins being so similar on the outside are quite rare, but I expect siblings whose personalities are so different are also quite rare."
"By "different"......"
"Complete opposites."
Eeyikes. One side's like that, so the opposite of that.
Very kind and friendly, gentle and modest......
"L-like an angel?"
"Not like that either."
Mori-san laughed.
"......Actually, he probably had a pretty normal personality. But because his other half was like that, he seemed to be very well-raised."
Well, yeah, no doubt.
"Unlike Naru, he was the cheerful type. And he got along well with others."
Uh huh.
"He was also a bit mischievous."
"He'd often trade places with Naru and play tricks on people. Naru doesn't play around like that, so most likely Gene's the one who came up with the idea."
"......Th-that's quite the unexpected personality."
To think of someone with the same face as Naru doing something like that...... my head hurt.
"He was just a little like you, Taniyama-san." Mori-san said with a warm smile.
"Like me?"
"Yeah. Although he seemed a bit quieter."
I'm sorry. I'm a noisy one.
"Lin-san also said so. That you're similar."
"You quickly feel for the clients, right, Taniyama-san? You get caught up with those involved and laugh or cry with them?"
......Umm, that's what I'm like.
"That aspect is similar. So everyone opened their hearts to him......"
"Doesn't that make him perfect then?"
Yasuhara-san said that.
"With those looks along with a good personality, he had nothing to fear."
Mori-san smiled a bit wryly.
"That sort of child is unlikely to live long...... It's just the way things are."
A lonely silence fell. The sun quickly sank and everything in the room fell into shadow.

Chapter 2

"No doubt, regardless of what they said, they must've been very close."
I didn't say that to anyone in particular, but Mori-san smiled wryly.
"Hmmm... I wonder about that. True the one closest to Naru was Gene."
"What about sibling fighting?"
"On occasion. Although it was mostly one-sided with Naru getting angry."
Oh dear.
"......Yeah, I guess Naru wasn't very comfortable with Gene."
"Even though they're brothers?"
"Yeah. Basically, Naru doesn't like getting involved with others. I expect he's the type who prefers to be left alone regardless if the other person's his sibling or parent. He's happiest when doing research and sees everything else as a bother."
"But while outsiders might leave you alone, that doesn't work with family, right? If you're looking sick, they'll worry, or if you do something wrong, they'll scold you, right?"
"It'd be over if you told them it's none of their business, wouldn't it?"
"Yeah, but that doesn't really go for family. After all, you see them every day. If they're unrelated, it's just a matter of cutting ties, but you can't really do that with family."
......Well yeah.
"So if Gene hated Naru, they would've just ended up being brothers who didn't get along well, but Gene was the type of person no one hated."
"--So, to be honest, I was surprised when Naru said he'd go search for Gene's body. I didn't expect him to do that."
Making Mori-san say that much, that young man must've been very staunch.
"When did he come to Japan?"
"Around three months before Taniyama-san started working part time. Somewhere around there."
"Umm, how do you know Naru, Mori-san?"
Clenched fists...
Mori-san looked at me.
"Background check?"
"Yep. This time I admit it completely."
When I said that Mori-san laughed out loud lightly.
"I'm, well yeah, to put it plainly, I'm his superior."
H-his superior?!
Bou-san leaned forward.
"Y-you mean at the "SPR"?
"Yes. There's what's known as the Platt Lab at the "SPR". I'm the head of the fieldwork lab. For what it's worth."
"So Naru's a research member there?"
"That's right. Naru and Lin."
And saying that, a mixed smiled crossed Mori-san's face.
"And Eugene."
......So that's how it was.
"And that's why you were his master."
"That's right, in the past." I taught him from how to use the cameras, but at some point he surpassed me. Thanks to that, my work now is to gather together all the documents Naru sends me and present it to higher-ups."
If she was his master and is his superior, no wonder he can't outdo her. Neither Naru nor Lin.
"Is Lin-san's home also in England? Not Hong Kong?"
"That's right. Lin's family is one of the ones that fled Hong Kong. Apparently, his extended family's always been in England, and Lin's family was the only one that'd stayed behind. Because his family's always been a bit obstinate."
"They hate the Japanese, and they hate the British."
Hmm... I'd heard that he hated Japanese people, but that he also hates the British. I wonder if he's dragging along the grudge over the opium wars? ......But still, poor Lin-san--ending up living in countries he hates.
"London, then?"
......So I ask, but I don't know that many place names in England.
"Lin's family is. But Lin himself lives in Cambridge."
I had no idea where that was or what sort of place it was.
"Isn't the "SPR" in London?"
Bou-san butt in, and Mori-san nodded.
"That's right. Headquarters are in London. The lab is in Cambridge. Lin's a research member in the lab in Cambridge and also a grad student at Cambridge University."
"Huh. ......Which means Naru, too?"
"That's right. Not to mention his father's a professor at Cambridge."
Ahh, I see. Cambridge University's Cambridge.

this then joins up with the short snippet where Naru apologises to the wall. ^^;
And since that's all I've translated for Part 14, I'll leave that there. I'll type up the scene tomorrow. It's in Part 15. ^^;

Summary Part 14 Ch3; Part 15 Aug 14 after 6 PM ch 1-3 trans
*blink* Apparently I have an auto-knitting Rosy Fingered Dawn. O_O I left the shawl on FSU's desk at the beginning of round 13. Apparently it's currently on round 17...
It's amazing what happens when you have 1x1 ribbing to look forward to... ^^;

В этой части находят тело Джина. Май знакомиться с родителями Нару. И происходит диалог между Нару и Май, который я могла бы отнести к намекам на каноничный пейринг.

Part 14, Ch 3

Bou-san joins the conversation with Mai and Madoka and tries to talk about more serious topics including how old Lin is (he's older than Bou-san, much to Bou-san's relief) and the video that was recorded of Naru throwing the aluminum mass into the wall. Madoka says how in the past, Naru didn't have problems using his PK because Gene would act as an amplifier for him. Madoka herself didn't understand how it worked very well, but explains that Naru would toss a small seed of energy to Gene who would then amplify it and send it back. After repeating this a number of times, it would be greatly increased from the original seed so Naru didn't end up exhausting himself when using his PK.
Madoka, just in case, reminds everyone to be careful about not letting anything leak to the mass media. When asked why, Madoka explains that, while it would depend on the culprit, but it was potentially very dangerous for Naru since he looked the exact same as Gene--the one that person had killed.
Madoka then comments about Bou-san being Dr. Davis's fan. And after a brief silence, everyone bursts out laughing. They tease him about how he could easily ask for Dr. Davis's autograph since he knew him and that the doctor himself knew how Bou-san felt since he'd been quite open in expressing his opinion in front of the doctor. Bou-san looks truly pathetic as he pleads for the others not to mention that since he was trying his best not to think about that. And as everyone has a great laugh, Lin comes to the cabin asking for Madoka. He then tells her they found the body. Everyone gets up at that news.
Part 15--Aug 14 After 6 PM Ch 1
When we ran out of the bungalow, several people including onlookers had gathered by the water's edge.
The surroundings were rich with the feel of sunset. The shore had fallen into the mountain's shadows and the boat on the shadowless lake was very clear, as though it was being lit. The waters glittered in the setting sun.
The black head of a diver bobbed in the water beside the motorboat. A hand reached out from inside the boat and was handed a rope. The person inside the boat pulled on the rope and a greyish mass obscured by the water slowly rose towards the surface. The diver in the water climbed aboard the boat, and the boat set off. It headed for the beach.
We watched all that feeling as though we were watching some sort of ceremony.
The boat reached the shore. It stopped as it came a little out of the water's edge. The diver jumped out of the boat and pulled on the rope reeling in whatever was wrapped in the grey... no, the dirty silver sheeting, and pulled it out of the water. From between the people who were watching all this from a distance, a lone figure started walking towards the water's edge--it was Naru.
Naru crouched down beside the wrapped mass. He reached out a hand and the middle-aged diver's voice could be heard trying to stop him.
"Don't do it."
"No, I'm all right."
Naru's calm voice. His face lost all expression.
Naru knelt on the sheet. Reaching out a pale hand, he turned over a corner of the sheet. Some pitch black hair could be seen peeking out from the edge of the sheet encasing. The diver next to him looked away.
Naru stared at that for a long moment...... and calmly replaced the sheet as it was originally. He silently climbed to his feet and started walking along the water's edge.
There wasn't a hint of tears or pain in that silent profile.
Things were in a major panic after that. Ayako, Masako, and I, along with Mori-san, quickly left that place and returned to our bungalow--taking Naru's mother with us.
His father is Martin Davis. His mother is Luella Davis. His father's called Professor Davis to distinguish between him and Naru. While I couldn't tell his age, he seemed to be much older than our parents would be.
The professor's hair was a brownish-red while his wife's was a beautiful blonde. His eyes were blue; hers purple.
Mrs. Davis cried a lot. She was in so much pain that we couldn't find any words to try to comfort her with. After a long while, and it was full dark outside, she finally lifted her face from Mori-san's shoulder.
"I'm sorry."
She spoke in slightly stilted Japanese.
"I'm sorry, I didn't come say hello earlier."
Everyone just shook their head. After seeing that with eyes swollen from crying, she asked, "Can you understand my Japanese?"
"It's very good."
When Masako said that, Mrs. Davis finally smiled. The corners of her mouth trembled, and seeing that was very painful.
"Those two would talk secretly in Japanese so I learned the language. But Japanese is very difficult. I'm sorry I can't speak it very well."
"Those two" probably meant Naru and his older brother.
"Thank you for looking out for Naru so much."
"Not at all. Likewise."
Masako bowed slightly while Ayako got to her feet.
"I'll go make some new tea. It's become cold."
"Umm...... My condolences."
When I said that, Mrs. Davis glanced at Mori-san. Mori-san said something to her in English, and Mrs. Davis then smiled at me.
"Thank you. Are you Taniyama-san?"
"Yes, that's right. I'm pleased to meet you."
"I'm pleased to meet you too. Naru is quite difficult and can be a bit of a problem. Thank you for everything."
Since she said that, she must know that I'm working part-time at the office.
"He really is a bit difficult, isn't he?"
When I said that, she smiled.
"But he's a good person."
"I know."
"I'm very proud of both of them."
She opened her hand that was gripping a handkerchief at those words. In her palm was a business card-sized picture frame. She touched it gently. When I bent to peer at it, she handed it to me.
"Extremely proud."
Two young men were in that photo. They had the same face. The same stature. One had a slightly gentler look than the other. Two Narus.
I pointed to one of them. Mrs. Davis nodded.
They really were alike. Gene was smiling while Naru was frowning slightly.
"It looks like there are two Genes, doesn't it?"
Masako said looking at the photo from one side, and I couldn't help thinking the same thing.
It seemed like, more than there being two Narus in that photo, that there were two Genes there. I quickly realised why. Naru was wearing a navy blue sweater. The shirt was tangerine. It's the first time I've ever seen Naru dressed like that.
......Ah, I see.
I understand.
Those...... were for mourning.
Pure black clothes. For Gene.
--For the other half he'd lost.
I quickly fought back the tears that threatened to fall. I had no right to cry in front of his mother. This sorrow was for people who knew Gene well and loved him.
I returned the picture frame to her. She held that picture frame in her hand as though it was so very precious.
"Poor Gene," she said with tears in her eyes again. "Naru too. It must've been very hard for him."
"They were born together. Being separated like this is wrong. It's really very sad."
"I think so too."
As I said that, I could no longer hold back my tears. I stood and quickly went outside.

Chapter 2

"I'm so pathetic......"
I leaned against a tree in the forest. The moon was shining.
I'm not supposed to cry. There's someone suffering a lot more than me. I should be giving her support and trying to cheer her up.
Even so, unless I was looking upwards, tears threatened to fall.
My chest hurt so much. ......It hurt.
I don't really understand why it hurts so much.
*fumi--* (sniff)
I want to cry. But I don't want to cry.
So when someone spoke to me, I was a bit relieved.
"What are you doing?"
That slightly exasperated voice was Naru's. I scrubbed my face and looking in the direction the voice came from, I saw Naru looking truly exasperated.
"Do you intend to eat the moon? It doesn't matter how long you wait with your mouth open, the moon won't come falling down."
......Sheesh he really is rude!
But thanks to that, my tears have dried so I'll specially forgive him this time.
"I don't necessarily want to eat it."
"Where's Luella?"
I couldn't help thinking that that's how he calls his mother.
"She's in our bungalow. ......What about your brother?"
"The police took him away."
Why's he so calm? His being completely like always was annoying.
"You're really not honest with yourself......"
"About what?" Naru had started walking towards the cabin lights but stopped and turned.
"You stubborn idiot! Why don't you just cry?"
"It's not something to necessarily cry over."
"But you're sad, right?"
Naru had a slight cynical smile.
"I'm afraid I'm a fool who doesn't understand human nature."
This guy, he's holding a grudge.
"You're not being honest with yourself."
"Everyone dies." His voice was quiet. "In a hundred years, none of your friends will still be alive."
"I don't think that's the issue here."
"That is the issue."
He really is a stick in the mud.
I stared at the moon.
"You're going back to England..."
It's okay to tell him, right? After all, it's too late now.
"......Um, y'know. I really liked you."
"I heard more than enough that you viewed me favourably this afternoon."
"Idiot. I don't mean in that way."
I looked at Naru. He was looking at me a little strangely so I couldn't help smiling.
"You're so dense--"
"What do you mean?"
"Umm, I meant that I liked you in a really special way."
Naru looked at me. Those dark eyes. He cocked his head a bit, then that white face smiled slightly.
"Me? --or Gene?"
My mind went blank for a moment.
Just what is this guy saying?
That's obvious, right? That sort of thing.
Naru's going back. That's why I thought I'd tell him. Because I'd never see him again. Never again.
......I can never see him again.
I'll never see that smile again. Never, regardless what the dream, he'll never show up again.
I couldn't answer. I was so hurt and sad, tears fell.
"But...... I didn't know."
I didn't know. That that wasn't Naru.
I never thought he was no longer part of this world. I thought that someday Naru would smile like that. Even though he never smiles like that.
"I didn't know...... I didn't understand anything."
He always helped me. He always cheered me up. But I never even thanked him. I was always under the wrong impression and was mistaken to the very end.
"I always called him 'Naru'."
That's the only name I ever called him by. I never once tried to know the real him.
My chest hurt. It hurt so much, I wanted to die.
I crouched there, and raising my voice, I cried.

Chapter 3

After a long while, my breathing calmed, and I was finally able to look up.
"In any case......"
I was surprised by that nearby voice. Looking to one side, I saw Naru standing right next to me. I thought he'd long since left, so I was a bit surprised.
"In any case, you'll see him again whether you want to or not." The pale face was looking off to one side.
"......After a hundred years or so......?"
"In your case, you might even have two hundred years."
Strength left me, and I ended up sitting on the ground there.
"I'm definitely going to live long. Even though I'm clumsy and stupid. Enough to make you sick."
"No doubt."
"I wish you wouldn't agree with that."
"I think it's better to face reality?"
"You should've told me. If you'd told me everything at the beginning, I'd never have made this sort of mistake, so I'll blame you for it."
"It's your fault for being mistaken. Do I have that sort of meddlesome personality?"
I smiled and tears fell again.
"I feel like an idiot. ......Being so affected by the things you did without even realising the truth..."
The moon was shining in the evening forest, and you could hear the soft voices of the insects.
"It's the perfect mood."
I looked up and stuck my tongue out.
"Until just recently, I would definitely've been excited at this situation."
"Expecting the same on my part's a bit of a problem......"
"I would have. That's what a girl's heart is like. ......And yet, it's worthless now knowing that it was someone else entirely.
Immediately after saying that, I took a dig at my own words.
"......not good. That's a really rude thing to say, isn't it? Sorry."
"That's okay. I'm used to it."
I turned and looked towards that dry voice and Naru raised a brow slightly.
"We have the same looks and our abilities are of the same level. One side has a good personality and the other not. --Which would you choose?"
"The good personality."
"There you go."
......I see.
"Things were...... rather sad for you."
Most likely his brother got all the girls.
"I was thankful as it was quiet."
"Idiot scientist."
Naru looked at me and I smiled.
"Gene said you were just an idiot scientist."
Naru sighed. I smiled at that and got to my feet.
"You're really similar on the outside, but inside you're completely different, aren't you?"
"My apologies for being unable to meet your expectations."
"Yeah. If your personalities were even a little alike, it'd make me swoon."
I'm saying a lot of rude things. I'm sorry. Forgive me. I don't have the spirit to get back up without doing this.
"There's still time."
I smiled.
"Is there maybe someone you like?"
Naru looked a little surprised at my question.
"I see. ......There isn't, after all. For a moment there, I was wondering if there might be someone you wanted to see back in England."
I'll ask for Masako's sake. I'm so nice.
"Well, there is a woman I've been chasing after for the past five years."
"You're kidding! Seriously?"
"......A Wimbledon woman."
"As in tennis' Wimbledon?"
"That's right. She lives in the attic of an old house."
"How old is she? Is she pretty?"
"I'm not sure. She looks to be over eighty."......
"She is alive, isn't she?"
Naru smiled slightly.
"I can get exceptionally clear data from her. She only appears around this time of year, so I'm thinking about going straight to see her when I get back."
......Sheesh. He looks like he's really looking forward to it--.
"......It'd be nice to be able to meet even once a year like that."
I won't say with whom.
"It should be better not being able to meet."
His profile illuminated in the moonlight looked so much like him. Enough to make me cry.
"His smile was so beautiful--I loved that......"
"I see."
"It was really, really beautiful."

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