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Килотонны спойлеров. Часть 3. Всякая всячина

Bits of not much
And because I was looking through the doujinshi papers put out by Ono Fuyumi tonight, here's some info that was originally written in there. Some of it might contradict (to a degree) what was later written at the end of one of the manga vols...? Not sure. I haven't gone back and cross-checked. :P

Parts of this is more summary than true snippet. The copy quality's not the best so I can't make out some words. >.>
Всего по-немногу. И про тыквы ^^

Yasuhara Osamu
BD: March 1
Blood type: AB
Lives in Chiba Prefecture with his family
Attends top ranked national university, Dept of law
Height: a little over 170cm
Weight: average for height
Eyesight: Fairly poor
Intellect: Quite high
Physical strength: Not very strong
Psychic ability: None
Personality: As you've seen
Special Ability: very glib
Family: Father (typical officer worker)
Mother (house wife; originally from a wealthy family)
Younger sister (typical HS student)

Naru (Oliver E.C. Davis)
Height: mid 170s
Weight: Quite a bit lighter than expected for height
Eyesight: A bit weak
Intellect: Extremely high
Physical strength: Relatively high, but sometimes weak
Psychic Ability: Extremely high but with conditions

Gene (Eugene J.A. Davis)
Eyesight: Good
Intellect: Probably exceptionally high
Physical strength: Relatively high
Psychic ability: Extremely high

Height: ~190cm
Weight: Quite a bit lighter than expected for height
Eyesight: Left - good; right - 0

Height: ~185
Weight: A little under expected

Height: ~160
Weight: Average

Height: <160cm
Weight: average

Height: ~155
Weight: Average

Weight: Lighter than average
Eyesight: Bad (uses contact lenses)


That said, ugh on what I'm trying to read. >.> Something about how Naru categorises people: as pumpkins or not pumpkins. People deemed as pumpkins are completely and utterly ignored and there are times when he forgets those people exist. When a person's deemed to be a pumpkin, he forgets what they look like as well as what their name is, and when spoken to, he gives only the barest of responses.

People who aren't pumpkins are separated into two groups. Pumpkin people and other. Pumpkin people are like pumpkins but for some particular reason can't be ignored like pumpkins. He remembers these people's names and faces, and when spoken to, he will respond (complete with sarcasm), but they're no more than that. And if they're not in front of him, he forgets they exist.

The 'others' are teachers and the weak. Teachers are those who he sees as having more knowledge than he and has something that they can teach him. To them, he's a model student, but if he decides that they no longer have anything to teach him, they might fall to pumpkin level. The weak are just that. Despite how he seems, Naru's actually quite the champion for justice. He is after all, an English gentleman. However, when they're not in front of him, he'll forget about them, too.

And there are a very few people who don't fit into this category.

It's not that he necessarily likes them. Most likely Naru doesn't feel that way about anyone. But they're people he can't ignore and forget. These people are forgiven for most things. If they say foolish things, he won't abandon them, and if they do something he doesn't like, he'll put up with it. If he says no, when pushed, he'll give in.

There's no way to determine who will fall into this group. Mostly likely, even he doesn't know why he can't ignore them, so it's impossible to determine who will become part of this group. However, it's easy to see who's in the group. If they say something completely foolish but aren't ignored, they're in that group. Alternatively, if the person were to hug him and not be pushed away, they're in that group.

Shortly after Martin and Luella adopted the twins, the two new parents couldn't help wondering if Naru didn't like them. So Gene told them that if they kissed Naru and he didn't slap them, he didn't hate them. If he hated it, he'd make how he felt clear. While he might not care for it, he didn't hate it so much as to eliminate them from his mind. So while he might not look happy about things, he'll put up with it.

While Naru won't let people into this group, once they're there, he's very weak against them. So Gene calls that group the 'inner group'. There aren't many people in that group: Gene, Luella, Martin, the psychologist and psychoanalyst Dr. Hinels (sp?), sleight of hand master and ventriloquist Jan Viani (sp??), and head of research Madoka. Gene didn't know whether co-worker Lin was in that group or not. Lin wasn't the type to say foolish things or to seek skin-ship.

While he could find out if he scanned Naru's mind, after reaching a certain age, Naru doesn't let him deep into his mind anymore. Regardless how much he might beg, Naru wasn't going to release his consciousness, and were Gene to do so forcefully, while he'd get angry, Naru would allow it, but ability-wise Gene could no longer force his way in like that.

[* refers to an earlier part where, when they were young, Naru and Gene could chat to one another over very great distances (with the Atlantic Ocean between them), but lately, that distance has shrunk and they now needed to be within the same country. Likewise, they could no longer force the door open and enter the other's mind. Apparently, Luella can tell when the two twins are chatting, but they don't know how/why she can tell.

L: You two chat when you're up to no good.

?: Not at all.

Naru looked away. Luella placed his plate before him.

L: And Naru looks away like that when things aren't going in his favour.


Gene's categorisation of people is in a way very simple: either he likes them or hates them. Normally, as long as he doesn't hate them, they fall into the 'like' category. Generally speaking, he likes people. Even so, he can't just accept being asked major things like Naru's (request to take his place). Things he doesn't like, he doesn't like. So it might be Gene is the more complicated.

Whoops. Getting late. ^^;


And more little bits
Continued translated? summarised? bits from Issue #1 (where the pumpkins came from). The chara info was from Issue #4. ^^;

Actually I'm going to backtrack to the start of this story. IIRC, this story (untitled) is later titled "Gene" in Ono Fuyumi's collective doujinshi 中庭同盟. It's an everyday life story of Noll's and Gene's.

"Gene, are you up?"
Gene shot upright in bed at the sound of that voice. He'd turned off his alarm clock and had been snoozing.
"I'm up."
His bedroom door opened, and Luella poked her head inside.
"So you were asleep."
"I'll get up. Where's Noll?"
"Unlike someone, Noll doesn't sleep in."
Gene jumped out of bed and quickly got dressed. There was no need to get out of his pyjamas. He'd been up late the night before and had only stripped out of his clothes before climbing into bed.
He grabbed his bag and started stuffing his books inside. Most of his books were in his locker at school, but sometimes he needed to bring some home. Hunting things down from the mess on his desk takes time. Rummaging through the mess to find what was still missing only resulted in more chaos on his desk. Shoving the things that had fallen to the floor aside with his foot, Gene ran out to the hall and down the stairs. Mornings were always very quick for Gene.
"How do you want your eggs?"
Everyone was already in the dining room by the time Gene came down. Gene popped into the kitchen at Luella's question and glanced over the breakfast she'd prepared before deciding.
"Fried, over-easy."
He gave her a quick good-morning kiss.
"Good morning."
"Good morning, sleepy-head. How about cleaning your room a little?"
"I'll do it on Saturday."
"Without getting Noll to help."
He gave a quick salute before heading for his own seat. On his way, he kissed Martin and Noll as well. Noll would hate it, so in his case, it was to bug him a bit.
Martin was reading the paper. He was still in his dressing gown, so his class probably wasn't until later.
Seeing that, Gene 'knocked'. It was up to Noll if he replied. The 'door' as Gene called it, opened.
"What're your plans for today?"
There was a response to his question. Actually, it's closer to catching a thought that floats to the surface from a sea of thoughts and becoming the other person's thought.
"I'm going to Prof. Hinels."
"Which period?"
"Second. I need you to take my place."
"Okay. Have they caught up yet?**
"I've skipped for the past three weeks, so it'll be getting risky soon."
Noll often skipped classes. He'd skip and sneak into university classes or to the specialists (researchers?) office. His attendance record was always borderline--borderline with Gene taking his place from time to time, so in reality his attendance was even worse.
A plate was placed before Gene as he replied.
"Chatting again?"
They called their telepathic conversations chatting. When they were small, they were able to chat with the Atlantic Ocean between them, but lately, that distance had begun to shrink, and it was difficult to do if they weren't in the same country. They could no longer force the door open and enter the other's thoughts either. Their psychic abilities had started to wane, but that was probably just as well.
Apparently, Luella was the only one able to tell when the two were chatting. Even she didn't know why. Not to mention that not many people knew about their chat ability.
Since it only worked between the two of them, they hadn't experimented with or studied the ability much. As long as it was between family members, they could discuss anything regardless of how difficult the subject may be, but with anyone other than their twin, they couldn't even manage guessing one ESP card. Most likely, the channel between them was so strong because they were twins, so Luella told them not to talk about it too much. Luella didn't like the twins being human guinea pigs.
"You two chat when you're up to good."
"Not at all."
Luella lay a plate in front of Noll as well.
"And Noll looks away like that when things aren't going his way."
Martin put away his newspaper.
"You shouldn't skip. You especially, Noll."
"What are you talking about?"
"I got a call from your school about your being sickly and whether we'd taken you to see a doctor."
Gene ducked his head while Noll looked away.
"They exaggerate."
Oh? Martin's eyes widened.
"Apparently, an unusual guest has been showing up in Timothy's classes lately."
Like Martin, Timothy Grey was an instructor at Queen's College. He taught physics, specifically quantum mechanics.
"You need to be more aware of how much you stand out."
Noll continued to stare off to one side.
"You're reply?"
"Yes, father."
Martin smiled wryly. Normally, they didn't use 'father' or 'mother', so when they did, they were making their dissatisfaction known.
The sound of Gene's laughter brought him under fire.
"You too, Gene. Don't help him."
"Yes, father."
Sheesh. Martin smiled wryly. Ultimately, he was soft on those two.
"There's no need to rush like that. Once you get your GCE*, you can enter university, right? You've got the marks to get accepted."
"I know."
The GCE exams are this winter. If he could have taken them earlier, he probably would have done so, but apparently doing his A-levels without attending second semester was difficult even for Naru. Not to mention getting into Cambridge required having two A-levels. Apparently, he's been studying hard, and lately, he always had a textbook open in front of him.
Gene had no intention of hurrying that much. He intended to attend middle school and graduate like normal, and think about things at that time. Rushing ahead towards his goal was Noll's way. Taking things as they came and deciding what to do then was Gene's. They really were different.
"Don't push yourself too hard."
Luella pat Noll lightly on the cheek.
"You were up late last night, weren't you?"
"Not really."
"Your light was on when I woke up at 3. You should sleep eight hours a night or your body won't be able to keep up."
"I'll be careful."
Noll wasn't comfortable with physical contact. It was strange how uncomfortable he was with it. He could extremely coldly reject people he could ignore, but it really put him on the spot when it came to people he couldn't ignore. That's why they were so physical with Noll. It was one of the things Gene and Madoka did to tease him. And maybe even his parents were doing the same.
And after that, we enter the discussion of pumpkins. :P Sheesh, I must be hard-wired to type "Naru". :P I think I had to replace just about every last one of them. ^^;


Melting, melting, melted...
Would someone please turn off the heat wave?? >.<;; I guess I should be grateful that we don't have high humidity here. :P
Anyhow, still more bad twins below the cut. :P

Близнецы))))) такие близнецы^____________^

Gene hurriedly drank the rest of his tea when Noll got up from his seat.
"We're off."
"Take care. Don't skip your classes, Noll."
Noll grimaced slightly.
"If you have time to skip class, then take a nap."
"I'll consider it."
Noll seemed to smile wryly. In the end, their parents were really very soft.
"--and? What're you going to do?"
Noll promptly answered Gene's question as they walked to school.
"I'll skip, of course."
"I figured as much."
No doubt, if Martin had been firm and ordered Noll not to skip, Noll would probably have sighed and done as he was told. But it might be because Martin wasn't the type of person to say that sort of thing that made him part of the inner group.
Their school was around 15 minutes walk from their home. Gene didn't know if it was from the school's own policy, but in the five years they'd been going there, he and Noll had yet to be in the same class. For various reasons and since they took different classes, it was rare for the two of them to run into each other during class.
Gene took his first period class as usual, and ran to the locker room before second period. They swapped clothes there, although that usually only involved swapping shirts or jackets. People's memories were pretty unreliable so that was enough.
"See ya."
Gene waved as Noll left through the locker room window. He took a deep breath. He grabbed Noll's Religious Studies text from Noll's locker. The names of the students who'd borrowed the text over the years was listed on the inside cover of the text. Text books were lent out by the school and had to be returned at the end of the course. At the end of the list was Noll's name. If Noll ended up getting more than two A-levels while still doing his GCE, he'd be the most gifted student since the school was founded (there was one previous student), and no doubt new students needing a text for this class would fight over this one.
[Goes into class stuffs Gene's subjected to while standing in for Noll. Of note, the teacher calls Noll 'Noll'. Initially Gene has no problems with the questions the teacher asks him, but it eventually gets beyond him and he ends up 'knocking' on Noll's 'door' for the answers. Noll's among the top students in the school and his classes were likewise difficult.]
Gene was also smart, but he didn't like studying as much as Noll did. Not that Noll necessarily liked studying; he wanted to hurry up and finish the necessary studies in order to be able to do the research he wanted to do. In Gene's case, there were many things he wanted to do other than study including having lunch with girls or going to movies or concerts.
Gene was particularly weak at religious studies. Because he dealt with spirits, Gene couldn't help thinking 'who cares about Christ'. And certainly, there wasn't a heaven or hell. Gene just didn't have any interest in the subject, and if he wasn't interested in it, he couldn't learn it. Unlike Noll, Gene wasn't good at learning information for information's sake. Likewise, their family wasn't particularly religious. Most English people went to church for weddings and funerals.

After class ended, some students tried to speak to him as they left the classroom, but responding wasn't allowed. Students were all pumpkins.
After second period, they had a slightly longer lunch break. Gene went and waited in the cafeteria. Some students in the same grade tried to speak to him, but he ignored them, too. After a short while, Noll appeared and Gene relaxed a little. There were times when Noll was unable to return when expected and Gene'd have to continue taking Noll's place, but pretending to be Noll for long periods of time was a bit stressful.
"Welcome back."
Noll nodded.
Since he was glad Noll was back, Gene bought Noll some tea from the cafeteria.
"Mr. Hope said you were perfect."
"Of course."
Well, it was expected, but Gene couldn't help smiling wryly.
"How's Dr. Hinels?"
"Same as always."
"It wasn't a class, was it? His class is on Fridays at 3P.M."
"A seminar"
As Gene responded, a voice interrupted them.
Turning around, Gene was surprised to see Mr. Hope. Since they hadn't swapped clothes, he didn't allow any expression to show.
"Do you have a moment?"
The question was directed to Gene - Mr. Hope thought is was to Noll - and Gene nodded expressionless.
"How're your exam studies going?"
"It seems like you're studying a lot. From what I saw in class, you should have no problems with religious studies."
"Thank you."
At the bland response, Mr. Hope looked at Noll - Gene to him.
"I take it R. Studies isn't your specialty?"
Noll smiled. He could do it if he wanted to.
"It's not like that."
"You don't seem very interested in it though."
"I'm just not very good at it. Reading the Bible puts me to sleep."
Seeing that smile made Gene want to hold his head - although he didn't show it. Did he really look that silly when he smiled? He'd have to remember to check later.
"Are you not taking the GCE?"
"Not at all."
"Second semester, too?"
"I'll still be here."
"It's such a waste since you're twins."
"I don't like studying like Noll does."
"It could still be useful. I hope you'll consider taking my class next year."
Gene couldn't help feeling taken aback. He'd have to remember to be careful about how he laughed from here on as well.
"Well, hang in there, Noll."
Gene watched as the teacher left before looking at the person before him.
"Do I really smile like that?"
"You do. Lately in particular."
The person before him also looked surprised.
"I don't know why you're looking sullen, Noll."
"It's sad how pretending to be you makes me feel like I've become an idiot."
"......I won't sit it for you any more."
Noll smiled--in his usual cynical manner. Gene couldn't help feeling that that smile was much better suited to their looks.
"Shall I tell Luella about your sneaking out at night?"
'......So he knew.' Gene couldn't help thinking to himself. Lately, he'd been sneaking out at night with a friend and practising driving. It was a given that he'd be in trouble if Martin or Luella found out. The twins had promised not to try driving before they finished their mandatory schooling.
Noll tossed the jacket he'd been wearing to Gene and Gene tossed Noll's back.
"What about your next class?"
"I'm safe with that one, so I'll skip and take a nap."
"So you're going to do as Martin told you."
"It's getting a bit rough."
'He doesn't like admitting it,' Gene thought as he put his jacket on.
"Well, in that case... Good night."
Gene quickly kissed Noll on the cheek. 'You froze. Serves you right.'
"Well, I've got class."
He couldn't leave with Noll having one up on him. His having this as a weakness automatically made him the weaker of the two.
Noll looked annoyed as he sighed. As long as he couldn't get used to it, he couldn't win.

[I should probably mention that this is as near as I can tell what's happening in this story. The copy is unfortunately very hard to read, so it's impossible to tell something as simple as whether I'm reading (for example) 慄然, 憤然, 悄然, or 愕然. ......At least I can read the second character and I can make out the radical for the first one... ^^; ]

And that's pretty much everything from the untitled story in Issue #1. ^^;


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